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Prison Food Weekend at Eastern State Penitentiary

Image Courtesy of Eastern State Penitentiary

Image Courtesy of Eastern State Penitentiary


One of the most popular events on the Eastern State Penitentiary Calendar is their Prison Food Weekend, scheduled June 6 and June 7, 2015. Featuring Nutraloaf from around the United States, it’s either a foodie delight or a challenge worthy of Andrew Zimmerman. (I’m kind of surprised he hasn’t shown up yet.)

The 2015 menu focuses specifically on Nutraloaf, the “food product” issued as punishment in many American prisons. Courts have generally upheld the rights of prisons to punish inmates with these diets, but the practice remains controversial. I’m not sure about the source of these recipes, but they have been attributed to Illinois, Washington State and Maryland.

The list of ingredients doesn’t look too bad, but it’s the preparation that renders them unappetizing. The process is designed to produce a meal that is healthful but repugnant. It’s also eaten by the prisoners three times a day for as long as the punishment lasts, which adds to the ordeal. No matter how much you might love a particular dish, it will get tiresome with repetition. And Nutraloaf is not a beloved favorite recipe.

Visitors to the Eastern State Penitentiary can sample Nutraloaf created using the official recipes from five U.S. states. They can then record their thoughts on a tasting card and decide for themselves whether serving Nutraloaf is a form of cruel and unusual punishment.

Prison Food Weekend activities are available from 11:00 am to 4:30 pm each day, included with admission. Tickets are available online or at the door, subject to availability.


Prison Food Weekend: Nutraloaf from around the U.S.

Saturday, June 6, 2015 – 11:00 am – Sunday, June 7, 2015 – 4:30 pm

Standard Admission

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American Visionary Art Museum Announces Kinetic Sculpture Race Date Change


Sweeping an astonishing collection of awards, Tick Tock the Croc was awarded Grand Mediocre and Art by the judges, People’s Choice by the people, and Marine Posse Favorite by the Kinetic Kayak Rescue & Repair teams. Image Courtesy of

Sweeping an astonishing collection of awards, Tick Tock the Croc was awarded Grand Mediocre and Art by the judges, People’s Choice by the people, and Marine Posse Favorite by the Kinetic Kayak Rescue & Repair teams. Image Courtesy of


One of the wackiest, fun-filled, free family activities is scheduled to take place Sunday, June 14, starting at 11:00 a.m., at the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM) in Baltimore, Maryland.

Totally human powered works of art have been designed to travel on land, through mud, and over Baltimore Harbor waters at the prompting of the AVAM. Those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to join in the madness over the last 14 years have missed a folly -illed afternoon cheering on teams of eccentric artists and lunatic geniuses. They’ve teamed up to craft mobile art machines out of bicycles, gears, old flotation apparatuses and whatever other nonsense they can find in their garages, basements or recycling centers. The devices can be simple, small crafts, piloted by one brave soul, or over 50 feet long, extremely well-engineered, sophisticated vehicles powered by a team of pilots.

2013: Go Ask Alice (winner of the People’s Choice award) Image Courtesy of

2013: Go Ask Alice (winner of the People’s Choice award) Image Courtesy of

Pilots (“Kinetinauts”) compete for the most coveted GRAND MEDIOCRE EAST COAST CHAMPION AWARD (finishes right in the middle), and the highly prized NEXT TO THE LAST AWARD (finishes, well, next-to-last), and other serious trophies including ART, ENGINEERING, BEST BRIBES and more. The all-day race kicks off at 11:00 a.m. at American Visionary Art Museum.

The museum’s staff worked closely with city officials to secure a new date for its annual competition of human-powered works of art, which has always been dedicated to the delight, communal participation; peace and love of Baltimore. This year’s race will be sporting an “Out of This World” theme in tribute to The Hubble Space Telescope, which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary at AVAM.


For all official Kinetic Sculpture Race updates, follow:




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Seventh Annual Kids’ Fishing Day at Black Hill Regional Park, MD

The 2014 winners! From L to R: Darius McFarlane caught the smallest fish (2.5 inches); Yuriko Watanabe caught the most fish (10); and Shayla Nguyen caught the largest fish (6.5 inches). Winners received a fishing rod, tackle box and Montgomery Parks "Complimentary Pass" as prizes. Image Courtesy of Montgomery PArks

The 2014 winners! From L to R: Darius McFarlane caught the smallest fish (2.5 inches); Yuriko Watanabe caught the most fish (10); and Shayla Nguyen caught the largest fish (6.5 inches). Winners received a fishing rod, tackle box and Montgomery Parks “Complimentary Pass” as prizes. Image Courtesy of Montgomery Parks

Get in on the fishy fun! Free cane pole to the first 25 kids registered, and prizes for the boys and girls who catch the biggest, smallest, and greatest number of fish. They’ll teach the kids how to bait a hook with worms, put their line in the water, and pull those fish in. They’ll also talk about the kinds of fish that swim in this lake, what they like to eat, and the best way to catch them. The first 25 kids who register will get a free cane pole! (They’ll email you.) Everyone else, don’t forget your fishing rod!

Saturday, June 20, 8:30am – 10:30am

For kids age 3-15 years old | Fee: $10 | Register at for Class # 320599

If June 20 doesn’t work for you, try out Kids’ Fishing Day at Lake Needwood on Saturday, June 6!

Black Hill Regional Park
20920 Lake Ridge Drive
Boyds, MD 20841
Boathouse: 301-528-3466
Visitor Center: 301-528-3480

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Snow News is Good News for Poconos Dog Sledding

Image Courtesy of Arctic Paws and SIH Photography

Image Courtesy of Arctic Paws and SIH Photography

For a decidedly different twist to travel, book and adventure with Arctic Paws Dog Sled Tours . Their premier dog sled adventure is located at Skytop Lodge in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Enjoy the team of professional and friendly huskies who take you on the pristine dog sled trails at Skytop Lodge to the Indian Ladder Waterfall. Best of all you and your family mush the sled (stand on the back and drive the dogs sled.)

They are open, operating and booked for this weekend, but still have a view spaces available for March 14, 2015

One hour tours include:
•Learning how to dog sled
•Meeting the amazing huskies
•Taking photographs
•Riding on the back of the sled and sitting in the basket
•Enjoying the incredible scenery on a pine tree lined trail to a waterfall

•Friday afternoons 2 – 4 PM (reserved for our Bring Your Own Dog Program)
•Saturday & Sunday 9 AM – 4 PM
•Presidents Day 16 February 2015 9 AM – 4 PM

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Mid Atlantic Air Museum 2015 WWII Weekend in Reading PA

Image Courtesy of MAAM

Image Courtesy of MAAM

Tickets for the 25th Anniversary Mid Atlantic Air Museum WWII Weekend, “A GATHERING OF WARBIRDS,” are already on sale. This extremely popular event, scheduled for June 5, 6 & 7, 2015, draws visitors from across the United States.

The weekend event is packed full of activities. The WWII Airborne Demonstration Team of Frederick, Oklahoma will make their premier appearance at the 2015 World War II Weekend. Show attendees will be able to watch as the paratroopers “chuting-up” in correct WWII uniforms and equipment. On Saturday and Sunday a full stick of paratroopers will execute a static line jump from the ADT’s combat veteran C-47 “Boogie Baby”.

Additionally, 32 WWII veterans are scheduled to appear as special guests.

Image Courtesy of MAAM

Image Courtesy of MAAM

While there is plenty to see at the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum’s World War II Weekend, visitors also have the rare opportunity to fly in one or more of the most famous and successful aircraft of World War II. Seats will fill quickly and some may sell out prior to the show, so make your reservations early. You can choose to fly in an open cockpit Boeing Stearman N2S-1″Kaydet”, a Fairchild PT-19 “Cornell”, a SNJ-4B “Texan”; Douglas SBD-5 Dauntless among others.

To see the schedule and buy advance tickets, go to:

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The Secretary of Maryland Department of Natural Resources pursuant to Code of Maryland Regulation announces the re-opening of the 2015 commercial striped bass common pool gill net fishery on Tuesday, February 3, 2015 at 3:00 a.m with a catch limit of 300 lbs/permit/week and 1200 lbs/vessel/day.

The common pool fishery will close on Wednesday, February 4, 2015 at 11:59 p.m.

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Punkin Chunkin Canceled for 2014


Punkin Chunkin had been set to take place Oct. 24-26 at Dover International Speedway. Organizers announced Friday they’ll instead start the event in its new Dover location in 2015.

“Moving an event the size of Punkin Chunkin is not easy even when time is not a factor,” said John Huber, World Championship Punkin Chunkin Association president.

The event’s membership didn’t settle on the Dover location until early July, and ticket sales started in early September. More than 20,000 people attended the 2013 event, spread out over several days.

Huber said the pumpkin-launching competition will instead return on Nov. 6-8, 2015, in Dover. Customers who had already bought tickets and camping passes this year will see refunds on their credit cards within two weeks, he said.

Gary Camp, a spokesman for Dover International Speedway, said the postponement was due to several things, including permits, site layout, public safety and emergency service planning.

“All along we were cautiously optimistic that the event would go on as scheduled,” Camp said. “Ultimately, the logistics of trying to coordinate such a large established event in such a short time frame at a new venue became too difficult to overcome.”

Both parties are committed to hosting the event in Dover, Camp added.

Advance tickets sold will be refunded.

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Win 2014 Punkin Chunkin Tailgate Tickets for New Dover International Speedway Location


Contest Ends: 10/13/14

Photo by David S. Holloway/Getty Images)

Photo by David S. Holloway/Getty Images)

The countdown has begun for one of Delaware’s most popular events, the Punkin Chunkin World Championship. Dover International Speedway will be the new host site for the World Championship Punkin Chunkin event.

The World Championship Punkin Chunkin Association (WCPCA) hosts a signature pumpkin-launching event each year, fueling innovative engineering and science-based ideas that draw spectators from all over. They believe that Punkin Chunkin cultivates the odd, challenging, and competitive quest for distance that inspires creativity, ingenuity, teamwork, and passion. It is this very dedication that drives teams to compete using science and engineering skills and brings spectators to the gate.


This year, you and seven friends could be tailgating at the 2014 Punkin Chunkin World Championship. Contest winner will receive one (1) tailgate pass on the fire line and eight (8) tickets for the Saturday, Oct. 25 event.

Contest entry:

What started as a challenge in 1986 has turned into an epic, world-class competition drawing hurlers and mega crowds. For three days, engineers, both serious and home grown, bring their huge contraptions and give it all they’ve got to chunk their 8- to 10-pound pumpkin as far as it can go.

The gates open at 7:30 AM each day. All machines fire at least once a day, starting at 8:00 AM. The order can change from day to day depending on weather (they can’t shoot in foggy conditions), whether they finished all the machines the previous day, etc.

Image Courtesy of Rope, Inc.

Image Courtesy of Rope, Inc.

They have to play it by ear, but usually they start on both ends of the firing line, alternating shots with the adult trebuchets and the Youth mechanical teams – catapults, trebuchets and human power. Once the youth mechanicals are done, they continue firing the adult mechanicals, moving towards the center of the firing line. Once they are done, they then move to the youth air cannons, the adult centrifugals and the adult air cannons. Then, after all that, they usually have a free-for-all period until dusk where the machines may fire as much as they wish.

Cant’ wait? Play online to get in the mood.

For more information:

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Bridge Day Tandem BASE Jump Contest, New River Gorge, West Virginia

Do You Have What it Takes?


The countdown has started to the New River Gorge Bridge Day on Saturday, October 18, 2014. On that day, BASE jumpers leap 800+ feet into the New River Gorge below, or are launched by the Human Catapult. Rappelling, skydiving, and more adventure abound. You ready?

Image Courtesy of Bridge Day

Image Courtesy of Bridge Day

BASE stands for Building, Antenna, Span, and Earth. BASE jumpers leap from any and all of these four fixed objects with parachutes designed specifically for rapid deployment. Known around the world as the most extreme of extreme sports, BASE jumpers look forward to Bridge Day ® every year.

The New River Gorge Bridge saw its first BASE jumpers in 1979, just 2 years after the bridge was completed and opened to the public. As more and more people entered the sport, the tradition of coming to West Virginia for Bridge Day has grown- more than 800 jumps were made last year.

The vast majority of people (more than 80,000 expected) visit to Bridge Day to watch. All of the jumpers are registered, and can make as many jumps as they are able to within a six hour window.

Image Courtesy of Bridge Day

Image Courtesy of Bridge Day

This year the folks at Bridge Day are once again teaming up with Vertical Visions and Subaru to offer one lucky winner the chance to tandem BASE jump off of the New River Gorge Bridge.

Think it should be you?

Then create a video that shows the world why you should be chosen to jump. A charity of your choice will also receive a $1,000 donation, courtesy of Subaru. So be sure to also tell everyone all about your charity and why you’re willing to jump off a Bridge for it.

Guidelines & Requirements:
-Must be at least 18 years of age
-Must weigh 200 lbs. or less and be capable of an active lifestyle
-Must wear athletic shoes or hiking boots
-Must sign our liability waiver

Video submissions will be accepted on Facebook beginning Friday, August 15, 2014. All submissions must be uploaded by 11:59 PM on Tuesday, September 2. Voting will begin on Wednesday, September 3 and end on Wednesday September 10 at 11:59 PM.

Contest Rules:
-Videos should be no more than 3 minutes in length
-Creativity is encouraged
-Voted on by Bridge Day fans
-Video becomes property of Bridge Day

To enter, go here:

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Get Down and Dirty with Mud on the Mountain in the Dark, Seven Springs, PA


Family fun of the good clean…er…muddy kind. Mud on the Mountains in the scenic Laurel Highlands provides athletes a different challenge over a treacherous course. The seven mile mud run course winds its way up, down and through some of the most difficult terrain in Pennsylvania.

Join scores of others as you test your grit, stamina and training on the slopes at Seven Springs Mountain Resort, the largest ski and four-season resort in Pennsylvania. To make it even more challenging, the course is run in the dark! Seven Springs will equip you with headlamps before they send you out in waves starting at 9:00 p.m.

Scale boulder fields, climb over obstacles and claw up incredible inclines on your way to a triumphant finish. Be on the lookout for some special features that will not only test your body but also your fear of the dark. All of your senses will be pushed to their thresholds.

Kids’ Mud on the Mountain will be held on Saturday, August 30, 2014
– Teens ages 13-17 will start at 9 a.m.
– Tweens ages 10-12 will begin at 11 a.m.
– Juniors ages 8-9 will begin at 12:30 p.m.
– Parents or legal guardian must register


Mud on the Mountain in the Dark
Saturday, August 16, 2014
Register between July 1 and August 10, 2014