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Making Your Dream Wedding Come True: Part 3

A Verdant Wedding

The term “Green Wedding” takes on a new meaning when celebrated among the verdant fields and quiet country roads of Nassau Valley Vineyards, Delaware’s first award winning winery.

Chardonnay: Wikipedia: Jenavive

Nassau Valley is a truly unique venue that can easily accommodate your celebration of 20 – 400 guests. The winery has several options for you to choose from depending on the time of year and number of guests you are trying to accommodate.

The Bacchus Grove, a 40 year old stand of Sycamore trees that looks out over the fields and vineyards, provides a particularly dramatic backdrop. In the summer the rustling giant leaves provide an airy shaded canopy for outdoor functions. In the warm early autumn days, the Grove becomes a sun dappled wooded glen. Check out their website for all of their indoor and outdoor sites

Nassau Valley Vineyards

32165 Winery Way

Lewes, DE


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Making Your Dream Wedding Come True: Part 2

Talk like a Pirate

Many of you who regularly travel to South Delaware for the summer are familiar with the Pirates of Lewes, a family favorite; expeditions pirate ship charter. Children of all ages enjoy a swashbuckling pirate adventure of fantasy and fun. What you may not realize is that the same ship is available for adult parties, and the accommodating owner promises “what happens on the pirate ship stays on the pirate ship.”

One enterprising groom—to-be chartered the ship for an afternoon. Friends enjoyed the caterers’ grog while searching for pirates’ booty. After defeating the “very bad pirate,” the triumphant young man hauled up the treasure chest from the water’s depths, popped open the lid and surprised his girlfriend with a diamond engagement ring. While I would suggest using a synthetic diamond for the proposal, and replacing it with the real thing when back on land, the owner promises that he “hasn’t lost a treasure chest yet.”

Pirates of Lewes

Anglers Marina in Historic Lewes, DE