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Party Like It’s the 14th Century at Royal Rabbit Vineyards, Parkton, MD

Image Courtesy of Royal Rabbit Vineyards

Image Courtesy of Royal Rabbit Vineyards

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for something different to do on summer weekends. I love the beach, museums, public gardens, food festivals, fun runs,, but sometimes I’m in the mood for a good old Knight Fight. You know, Camelot, knights-in-armor, battles between good & evil, a chance to wear fancy dress and pointy hats?

We get our chance to cheer for the heroes and hiss at the villains at Royal Rabbit Vineyards Medieval Afternoon in Parkton, MD on Saturday, July 12,2014. The Count and Countess Gellene welcome everyone to enjoy a day of medieval hand combat, archery, music and fun.

The porta potty is in place. (Always an important consideration.) The lawn has been mowed. (Great) The poison ivy exterminated. (Double Great) A mister will be set up to cool off if anyone feels like they are getting over heated. (Knights-in-armor always make me hot!)


Make new friends. Dress up and be part of the dream. Drink your favorite Royal Rabbit Wines, have a burger, drink some more wine. Win the arm wrestling contest. Cheer for your favorite knight fighter.

Lively contests of olde include:

The best medieval garb (costume)
The best tavern/drinking song (to be sung in the tasting room)
The best musician(s) – bring your guitar, lute, or dulcimer

Entrance to the Medieval Afternoon is free

The amusement starts at 12 PM and continues until closing at 5 PM.

And to complete your royal day, try Royal Rabbit wines in their tasting room. I know I always sing and dance better after a couple of glasses of wine. 😉

For more information, and a discount coupon, visit:

Royal Rabbit Vineyards
1090 Jordan Sawmill Rd
Parkton, MD
(443) 721-6692