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Celebrate the Cupcake

Chocolate Cupcakes with Raspberry Buttercream: Flickr: Whitney

Long a staple of barbeques and birthday parties, cupcakes have undergone a complete overhaul, satisfying gourmands and icing junkies alike. Cute or chic, comforting and convenient, cupcakes make a memorable addition to any celebration.

Carrie Currey, President and Head Baker of Coastal Cakery in Milton, said people love cupcakes because “they are simple, with a lot of varieties.” Instead of serving a single flavored large cake at a party, you can easily mix different flavors and motifs. For a graduation party, Currey decorated cupcakes two ways, half with graduation caps and half with guitars. Those two themes might not work together on a large cake, but on cupcakes, they “worked.”

Any flavor you see as a large cake, you can make as a cupcake, said Matt Marden, Co-owner of Liz Marden Gourmet Cakes & Deserts in Hockessin. Their selection of cupcakes, available daily, includes such treats as rich lemon cake with coconut frosting, and classic vanilla with lush chocolate.

You can also easily control the portion size with a cupcake, said Kelly Leishear, Co-owner and Head Baker at Bella’s Cookies, Milton, Delaware. “Serving sizes are smaller, which people like in the summer. People are more conscious about what they’re eating when they are wearing a bathing suit than when they are all covered up with sweaters and bulky clothes. You can even have mini cupcakes.”

While cupcakes will always be an indulgence, Bella’s Cookies, Inc. is the first natural and organic bakery in Delaware. Bella’s cookies are “clean,” meaning no Trans Fats, no Hydrogenated Oils, no Artificial Ingredients and no Preservatives.

From the tastefully sublime to the extremely elegant, Michele Mitchell, Executive Pastry Chef of the Hotel du Pont culinary team, displays the of art using chocolate and other confections and utilizes her talents of hand and air brushing, stenciling and intricate gold painting to create one-of-a-kind works of edible art.

This story was first published in the News Journal under the byline of Gail A. Sisolak. All rights reserved.