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Dinosaurs of the Deep Invade New Jersey

Get the jump on the all things dinosaur in anticipation of Universal’s new movie, Jurassic World, scheduled to open in June of 2015 by visiting the Adventure Aquarium’s new limited time exhibit, Dinosaurs of the Deep.

Enormous prehistoric marine reptiles that ruled the primeval seas more than 100 million years ago are taking over Adventure Aquarium on the Camden Waterfront starting January 16, 2015. For a limited time only, five thousand square feet of large-scale skeletons, ancient fossils and more than 20 life-size replicas will be on display throughout the aquarium to teach guests about the most intriguing sea monsters that ever existed – from massive pliosaurs and prehistoric armored fish to the whales, sharks and turtles that inhabit our oceans today.

Come face-to-face with life-sized replicas of some of the most ferocious and feared species that ever lived, including a 42-foot Elasmosaurus, 20-foot Kronosaurus, 21-foot Zygorhiza, 16-foot Dunkleosteus.

Image Courtesy of Adventure Aquarium

Image Courtesy of Adventure Aquarium

Meet the 34-foot full scale Liopleurodon, one of the ancient oceans’ most dangerous predators, whose teeth were 4-inches long. The larger-than-life exhibit will also feature a replica fossil of a Tylosaur still stuck in stone and a life-sized coral reef teeming with trilobites and prehistoric fish.

Interactive dioramas and educational stations situated throughout the aquarium help guests learn about the enthralling world of ancient aquatic life through hands-on exploration. Along the way, visitors get the chance to touch a horseshoe crab at the “Touch a Living Dinosaur” exhibit and become a paleontologist by examining fossils of a variety of shark species and the largest sea turtles that ever lived.

Discover and learn more during your visit by taking in special programming. Check out some of the shows and talks available exclusively during Dinosaurs of the Deep. All live programs are included with general admission.

Ocean Realm: An Evolutionary Tale
Travel back 400 million years during the Devonian Period when sharks and fish made their first appearance on Earth. During this live show, guests will hear from an Animal Experience Specialist who will discuss the evolution of these living fossils and bridge the connection between the ferocious marine reptiles of Dinosaurs of the Deep with the animals on exhibit today inside Ocean Realm. Monday – Friday 1:30 pm; Saturday & Sunday 12:30 pm and 2:00 pm Ocean Realm Theater

Sea Turtle Chat
Learn more about history’s greatest animal navigators! Their appearance may have changed little since the 200 million years when they first appeared on Earth, but a closer look will show just how drastically they’ve evolved. During daily Sea Turtle Chats, an Animal Experience Specialist will explore these differences and how ancient sea turtles compare to our loggerhead and green sea turtle species. Daily live chats; Ocean Realm Panoramic Window

Elasmosaurus Q&A
Get to know the massive 42 foot monster of the deep that’s taken up residence in the Rotunda! The Elasmosaurus was the largest of Plesiosaurs, measuring an average 46 feet long and weighing 2 tons. Adventure Aquarium biologists will discuss the Elasmosaurus and the amazing facts scientists have learned about this extinct species. Daily live chats; Rotunda

Shark Life in Jurassic Waters
Sharks have ruled the oceans for over 450 million years. During this live show, Adventure Aquarium biologists will discuss the evolution of these incredible species, including the great white shark and megalodon. Learn where fossilized evidence of sharks have been found, dive into some of the reasons how sharks were able to survive five mass extinctions and understand more about the connection between ancient and modern sharks. Monday – Friday 12:15 pm; Saturday & Sunday 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm; Shark Realm

Liopleurodon Q&A
An Animal Experience Specialist will be on hand daily to answer questions about the larger-than-life Liopleurodon. Gather under ‘Lio’s’ massive jaws to learn more about this incredible prehistoric monster, and to find out why he was known as the ‘biggest and baddest’ of his day. Daily live chats; Dinosaurs of the Deep Gallery

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