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June 18, 2014 Update
Northern Calvert County Beaches Reopened

The Calvert County Health Department has lifted restrictions at the northern Calvert County beaches recently closed due to a release of untreated waste from the Chesapeake Beach Wastewater Treatment Plant June 12. Samples from all of the north county beaches now show safe conditions for swimming and other water activities.

The Health Department will continue to perform weekly water quality testing from North Beach to Brownies Beach/Bayfront Park between Memorial Day and Labor Day. The department also conducts routine testing at all public bathing beaches in Calvert County.

June 16, 2014 Update:

Announcement from Calvert County Health Department

Test results from the state lab last night (June 15, 2014) showed elevated bacterial levels along the 4 closed beaches in Northern Calvert. These bacteria can be dangerous to human health.

The Health Dept will continue to test water samples this week. We will notify you when the results show the water is safe for contact.

If you go fishing in an area close to Chesapeake Beach, including nearby tidal creeks, do not eat any raw seafood.

Remember that if a fish has bacteria on its skin, it can contaminate whatever it comes in contact with (kitchen countertops, sinks, etc.) until it is fully cooked.

Make sure you wash very well with soap and water if you handle anything that is in contact with the waters (including tidal creeks) in the area until we have clear lab results.

June 13, 2014

Due to a release of untreated waste from the Chesapeake Beach Wastewater Treatment Plant late Thursday night (June 12), the waters of the following beaches are closed to wading and swimming until further notice:

• North Beach
• Windward Keys Beach
• Chesapeake Station Beach
• Bay Front Park/Brownies Beach

It is possible that contact or accidental swallowing of bay or tidal water in the area could lead to serious illness. Children are particularly susceptible to bacterial illness that can result from untreated sewage.

The Health Department wants to emphasize that well water for nearby residents is safe to drink and use for bathing. The discharge from the treatment plant does not contact the aquifer that supplies wells in Calvert County. The Health Department will continue to monitor the safety of the surrounding waters and notify the residents of Calvert of any changes.

The Chesapeake Beach Wastewater Treatment Plant operates under authority of the Maryland Department of Environment (MDE). MDE has been working with the Treatment Plant to upgrade the facility and prevent future untreated discharge. Any questions about the operation of the Plant should be directed to the Plant or to the Maryland Department of Environment.