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Tubing Down the Delaware is Officially Open at Bucks County River Country

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Image Courtesy of Bucks County River Country

Image Courtesy of Bucks County River Country

 The weather is great, the sun is out and it’s a spectacular weekend to get out and have some family fun. Take Mom to Bucks County River Country for a Mother’s Day adventure everyone can enjoy. River Country has been the Delaware Valley’s Tubing Capital for 35 years. 

Tubing the waters of the Delaware offers a chance to relax floating past some of the most beautiful scenery in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Observe wildlife, and the surrounding cliffs and rock formations. No paddling is required, just relax and let the current pull you along. It is a great way for families, friends and groups to stay cool and enjoy the outdoor sun. 

The Delaware River has been referred to as the “Eden of the East” with waters that are a refreshing. 

Life jackets are mandatory for children 12 years old and younger and is mandatory for non-swimmers and anyone with a health condition. Nothing beats the heat better than a tubing adventure. 

No longer just a black inner-tube, River Country’s standard tubes are custom manufactured with dual chambers (for safety.) They have tubes in four different sizes, to accommodate most people. New in 2014 was their Snuggle Tube, a double tube that people share. 

Check their coupon page for special discount days. 

Bucks County River Country

2 Walters Ln

Point Pleasant, PA 18950

Phone :(215) 297-5000

Fax: (215) 297-5643


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