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Outfitting Outlander: What’s Under Those Kilts? Find Out at the Prince Frederick Library, MD

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Image Courtesy of Calvert Library

Image Courtesy of Calvert Library

Legions of fans revel in the fabulous storytelling, unforgettable character and historical detail found in Diane Gabaldon’s New Your Times bestselling Outlander series. The depth of passion and history has earned the praise of critics and fans alike, as they follow the adventures of two star crossed lover, Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser.

The popularity of the novels have spurred interest in STARZ Network Outlander TV series. Just how accurate are those props though? Join Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory Federal Curator Sara Rivers Cofield at the Prince Frederick Library May 7, 2015, and find out how the Outlander program’s costumes and objects compare to 18th century artifacts recovered by archaeologists throughout Maryland such as table glass, medicine containers, horse tack, architecture, weaponry, clothing, and more.

For more information

Location: Prince Frederick Library

850 Costley Way | Prince Frederick, MD | (410) 535-0291 or (301) 855-1862

Cost: Free

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