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Guilty Pleasures Abound in The Secret of Lost Things by Sheridan Hay

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Since this novel is set in NYC, fans of “novel destinations” might like to read it before their trip. It is particularly fun for fans of bookstore-genre novels.


I love books. I love books about books; bookstores, writers, book collectors…well, you get the idea. As a result, I plunged into “The Secrets of Lost Things” like a child diving into a summer pond; joyfully and without restraint. I reveled in the descriptions of miles of maze-like shelves with dusty, redolent books while sympathizing with the (somewhat obligatory) idiosyncratic cast of characters.

While some reviewers found the plot thin, or felt the narratives unresolved, I was willing not only suspend disbelief, but to chuck it out the window and bask in Hay’s homage to obsessive book collecting.

I am not a big fan of coming-of-age novels or first person narratives, but since Hay worked in bookstores and lived in Sydney, AU, the novel worked for me. The novel felt both intimate and expressive.

After traveling from Tasmania to New York with $300, 18 year-old Rosemary Savage finds work and…

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