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Linda Fairstein’s Love Letter to Grand Central Terminal, New York

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Great book for those planning a trip to NYC. It gives fascinating, behind the scene details about Grand Central Terminal. Evocative for armchair travelers.



Approximately 750,000 people visit New York’s Grand Central Terminal (GCT) each day. Two-thirds of them race to catch trains, while the remainder, tourists, stroll through the historic Beaux-Arts landmark. GCT has been featured in hundreds of movies, TV shows, novels, music videos, photos, advertisements, and other media formats. As a result, the stately building has become the World’s sixth most visited tourist attraction and is recognized around the globe.

In her latest novel, Terminal City, best-selling author Linda Fairstein pays tribute to GCT, and has once again created a fast-paced police procedural featuring her popular protagonist, New York City DA Alexandra Cooper. I enjoy Fairstein’s novels because they have such a strong sense of place, that the location becomes an additional character.

Image Courtesy of Fcb981 via Wikipedia Image Courtesy of Fcb981 via Wikipedia

Built by and named for the New York Central Railroad in the heyday of American long-distance passenger rail travel, GCT is the…

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