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Washington Irving’s Sunnyside, Tarrytown, NY

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Image Courtesy of Historic Hudson Valley Image Courtesy of Historic Hudson Valley

Like many avid readers, I love touring libraries and bookstores. I especially enjoy seeing another writer’s library. Browsing through their bookshelves makes me feel like I’m getting to know them, and understand how they think. One of my favorite libraries belonged to Washington Irving, in his Hudson River Valley home, “ Sunnyside .” It shares a lot of characteristics with other period libraries, floor-to-ceiling bookcases filled with leather bound volumes, a beautiful desk, and comfy chairs. What I really like though, is the banquet placed in the alcove, where Irving was known to take the occasional nap. That’s a writing technique I regularly practice.

In the pantheon of American literary lights, Washington Irving shines bright. He is the well-known and beloved author of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and other short stories. His characters are familiar to adults and schoolchildren everywhere, from Brom Bones…

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