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Mysterious Caged Graves in Catawissa, PA

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In “The Caged Graves,” author and retired school teacher Dianne Salerni has created an historical mystery filled with intrigue, suspense, rumors and betrayals. Ultimately, it is up to newcomer Verity Brown to untangle the twisted crime that directly impacts her family’s past and her future happiness.

It’s 1867, and 17-year old Verity Boone moves from urban Worcester, Massachusetts to remote, rural Catawissa, Pennsylvania. Salerni uses her history and teaching background to good effect, and has created an historically accurate tale that is relatable and exciting for YA readers. Similar novels feature “feisty” heroines who inexplicably fight the status quo. Boone comes by her independence honestly, since May of 1850 marked a meeting of a National Woman’s Rights Convention in Worcester.

While independent in spirit, Boone decides to return to her father’s home; her birthplace Catawissa, Pennsylvania, after corresponding with a local farmer and accepting his proposal of marriage. Boone quickly…

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