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Get Off the Couch and Get Ready for Summer

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Image Courtesy of Tribal Quest

During the winter it’s easy to park on the couch and watch other people work out. I admit, I’m a fan of shows like “The Amazing Race,” and wonder how I would fare facing some of the physical challenges. This summer, I may get my chance to find out during Tribal Quest 2014 in Fredericksburg, Va.

If I start now, I may be ready for the challenging five-mile course with rugged terrain. Some of the demanding activities I’m pretty sure I can handle with adequate prep. I figure I can cross ponds, river and mud holes; crawl under barbed wire and swim through mud ditches. It’s the last two events which have me worried—crossing high walls and carrying kettlebells.

The Tribal Quest has one big advantage for participants of a certain age—we can participate as part of a tribe or team. Let’s face it, a gang working together would make the high wall easier, but I’d still probably be on my own for the kettle bells. It looks like there are entrants from a wide range of age groups, and I have until July 12, 2014 to get ready.

Oh well, if you think you’re up for it, send me pictures.


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