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Making Your Dream Wedding Come True: Part 3

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A Verdant Wedding

The term “Green Wedding” takes on a new meaning when celebrated among the verdant fields and quiet country roads of Nassau Valley Vineyards, Delaware’s first award winning winery.

Chardonnay: Wikipedia: Jenavive

Nassau Valley is a truly unique venue that can easily accommodate your celebration of 20 – 400 guests. The winery has several options for you to choose from depending on the time of year and number of guests you are trying to accommodate.

The Bacchus Grove, a 40 year old stand of Sycamore trees that looks out over the fields and vineyards, provides a particularly dramatic backdrop. In the summer the rustling giant leaves provide an airy shaded canopy for outdoor functions. In the warm early autumn days, the Grove becomes a sun dappled wooded glen. Check out their website for all of their indoor and outdoor sites

Nassau Valley Vineyards

32165 Winery Way

Lewes, DE


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