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What’s Up Delaware?

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MAD2GO will be hitting the road in the coming weeks, driving up to Pittsburgh, through New Hope and over to the Lehigh Valley. While traveling our road trip, we found a lot of lot of Food Network shows featuring local restaurants. DD&D visited 14 restaurants in PA. But has Guy Fieri visited Delaware even once?

Nope. Nada. Never.

In fact, NONE of the Food Network or Travel Channel shows have ever visited Delaware. (Man v. Food, The Best Thing I Ever Ate, No Reservations, Bizarre Foods.)

I mean, you can eat muskrat in DE. Shouldn’t that at least fall in the bizarre category?

Muskrat swimming: Wikipedia: D. Gordon E. Robertson

So, send us your thoughts and recommendations. We’ll vlog the best, and challenge the “experts” to try our hometown favorites.

What’s your favorite diner, drive-in or dive in DE? At the Beach? And why?

Who makes the best cheese steak in DE?

Who make the best fried chicken in DE? Come on! We’re the Blue Hen State!

Has anyone ever really tried muskrat? What did you think and where did you have it in DE?

Who makes the best desserts in DE?

Who makes the best peach pie/cobbler in DE?

Who pours the best DE craft beer AND serves great food?

Best crab cakes in DE?

Any other recs in DE?

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