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House’s Loss: The Missed Sweet Treats and Salty Eats Road Trip Part 3

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Nature’s Best        

While the Perrydell Dairy Farm Tour was interesting, I keep thinking of all the cutting things House would have to say about the long-lashed calves lining up to be bottle fed by visitors, or their mommies hooked up to tentacle-like automatic milking machines. Unfortunately, none of them can be printed on a family site.

It is widely advertised that contented cows give flavorful milk, but the absence of rBST hormone insures that it is as healthy as it is flavorful. Family owned and operated Perrydell Dairy Farm offers free tours which allow visitors to see the cows being milked, calves being fed or milk being bottled. Their chocolate milk is justifiably a local legend, and regional shoppers cue up to buy rich, creamy, fresh milk.

© 2012 Gail A. Sisolak

When my mother and I visited, we bought a bottle of chocolate milk to savor in our B&B, and it was so rich we ended up foregoing dessert that night.

Portions of this story were published in 2009 in the News Journal under the byline of Gail A. Sisolak. All rights reserved.

Perrydell Dairy Farm Tour

York, PA

Check for seasonal hours

Admission Fee:           No Reservations Required: see below

Guided: No                  Outlet: Yes

Minimum Age: No       Cameras Allowed: Yes

The self-guided tour is free of charge. Cameras are allowed, and children of all ages can tour the farm! Reservations are required for groups of 10 or more. Guided tours can only be scheduled Monday through Friday and there is a fee charged per person. For details, call (717) 741-3485 and ask for Wendy or Donna.

Caution: This is a working farm and parents need to be aware of where their children are at all times. Please be sure to give tractors and trucks plenty of space to get their work done.

It is also important that anyone who touches the calves, cows, fences, etc. sanitize their hands as soon as they are finished. Sanitizer is provided on-site near the calf pens

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