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House’s Loss: The Missed Sweet Treats and Salty Eats Road Trip Part 2

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Free Chocolate…I’m so There!

Photo courtesy of Wolfgang Chocolate Company

One of the sweetest tours in York has to be the Wolfgang Candy Company Factory Tour, recently voted number four of the “Top 5 Tasty Tours” in the Nation by the Food Network. Their Visitor Center and Museum features illustrations of old-time American candy craftsmen. You’ll see many special display cases filled with wooden sugar molds, glass candy jars, and many other priceless antiques. You’ll also see a video of the Wolfgang candy-making process, along with a complete history of the Wolfgang family who made their candy making dream come true

This family run company has grown to encompass a several blocks of the closely knit community in which it started. Fans of “I Love Lucy” reruns may see similarities between the candy making line and a classic Lucy & Ethel sketch. The candy line moves so fast you’ll understand the temptation to snatch a few treats as they race by.

No need to steal sticky chocolates from the production line. You receive three complimentary chocolates at the end of the tour. You can also stop in the factory shop and stock up on your favorites, or try something from their turn of the century ice cream soda fountain.

Take a virtual tour of the Wolfgang Chocolate Factory

with the FOX 43 crew.

Wolfgang Candy Company Factory Tour

York, PA


Chocolate Factory Tours

Tour Times: (Labor Day – May 31)

Mon-Thurs 10:00am AND 2:00pm

Reservations Required for All Tours

Tour Times: (June 1 – Labor Day)

M-Thurs 9:00am, 10:00am, 11:00am, 1:00pm and 2:00pm

Reservations Required for All Tours

Wolfgang Das Sweeten Haus Store Hours:

M-F 8am – 6pm, Sat 9am-3pm

Telephone: 800-248-4273 x 112

Cameras are permitted on the tour, and there is a retail/gift shop on site. Wolfgang’s chocolate factory tour requires walking 1/4 mile including three short flights of stairs. Footwear with open toes or heels is discouraged (Wolfgang provides booties for those wearing open-toe shoes). All jewelry except a plain band must be removed. Hair nets and beard nets for facial hair are required (provided by Wolfgang). Each child under the age of six must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

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